Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's A Celebration!

Last December 24, 2008, we celebrated the birthday of my son, John Kieth. It was another milestone for us because he's now 2 yrs. old. It took us 3 moths to prepare for the occasion and in just 3 hours..bwaalahh! It ended..

I had so much while it was still on the brainstorming stage..we were contemplating on what theme we are going have for john. At first it was the Disney CARS. I was already surfing the internet for possible cakes and all sort of things for the occassion. But when we checked the venue, all they had was disney characters of the girls and Dora; spongebob,superman and spiderman for the boys. So then and there, we opt for the spiderman theme.

With the sudden changes, I had to surf the net yet again for possible spiderman stuff. I already had a list of the things to do such as making the guest list, the give-aways other stuff. John and I would even check bakeshops for his cake which gave as another problem. Since his birthday is just a day before Christmas, most of the shops are either closed for that day or don't accept orders.

It turned out to be a hunting game for me and John as we search for his cake. Good thing, his Ninang KK mentioned of a shop in Sta. Maria and vouch that their's taste good. So off we went to that shop. Thankfully, they can still make a cake for that date so as early as October, we already have his cake made. pheww!

His Ninang Jill has contributed so much to the success of the birthday. She designed the tarpaulin for the venue as well as the invitations while Tita Cheri contributed to the prizes for the games. Ninang KK and Ninong Jap were the ones who made the addtional balloons for the stage flooor. Their the best!:D

Last minute details were his loot bags, the candies and other goodies for the pabitin. Everything was set for the big day...

Everybody had so much fun especially our precious John. With the fun and games hosted by Tita Jenny, the kids as well as the guests had a blast. It was another memorable occasion to be treasured for our big boy John. We love you!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chapter 5. Waves

As I sit in this chair tipping the keyboards, chatting with my bestfriend in Cavite, I saw a status message of one of my YM contacts. It says "22 days to go before christmas". Where did the time go? It really did fly so fast. It was not long ago that I was changing nappies and preparing milk at the brink of dawn. Yes! I passed that stage with flying colors..hooray!

There were times that I felt if I still have the strength to stand up and wake up in the wee ours of the morning. That was the time when my son was still in his early months and was already sick. I had to be awake because he was in a crying fit and I was crying inside because I know he's somewhat in pain. I wished at that moment that he could talk and tell me what's wrong. All my husband and I can do at that moment was carry and sing to him. It was our way of showing him that everything is going to be fine.

The first year of us being a couple and parents at the same time was so hard. John was always sick because of his asthma attacks. We had to rush him to the hospital at the brink of dawn and not once but twice he was confined. Seeing him being administered with medications was tough on us his parents. There was this instance that I got angry with a nurse because it took her 5 times to inject john with the needle for the dextrose and my baby was crying so hard. Seeing how furious I was, another nurse stepped in and that was when she succeeded.Thank God she succeeded because I could have blown my wits at her any moment.
Not only were we financially crippled at that moment but physically we're already draining. But we're blessed with family and friends who helped us in every possible way. Their love and support made us strong for John who needed them badly. While in the hospital, Jorge and I would take turns in watching our baby. This is one of the trying times in our married life.

Looking back at these memories and seeing John now, I've come to realize how blessed we are. He was able to pull through and he's in a much better shape these days. I just hope and pray that when God gives us trials, we may be able to surpass it and still come out much stronger and ready for the coming waves.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Chapter 3. A Bundle of Joy

Everytime my husband and I visit my OB, my heart seems to thud quite so fast.We've been through the whole process yet it seems like it was our first. My mind is on overdrive..what if somethings not right?Is my baby ok? I've been in a cloud of fear the whole time I was carrying our baby.

It was funny reminiscing the times before I had my first baby. We were not quite prepared with all the itty-bitty things the baby's supposed to have. Its because we're both too relax and confident the baby will arrive at its supposed date. We were just enjoying each other's company on our so-called honeymoon.

It wasn't until we're on our way to the OB for my monthly check-up that I felt something different. It wasn't pain yet my belly seem to harden once in a while..yet I ignored the symptoms. As we waited in the clinic, I was kindda restless because we have a prior engagement to attend to and since the doctor isn't there yet, we'll tend to be late. I keep telling my husband that we might as well go but then we both decided to wait a little while. That's when the doctor showed up.

Although there were patients who were there before us, she decided to let me in first. As I layed down the cold bed, I was quite confident we'll be finished in a short while. But, as she started her ministrations with me..her expression changed. She called my husband and told us that I'm already starting to labor although she was worried because I wasn't in pain. Calls were made and she told us to go to the hospital because i'll be giving birth anytime soon. We were so shocked..It's not even my due yet!

As I entered that cold maternity heart and mind were raising. What will happen now? But as time flew, nothing as in there was no pain. I can only feel my belly harden everytime the midwife would tickle it. After finishing 3 ceasarians to other patients, my OB decided then and there to get me ready for delivery and said that since there was no pain..they had to resort to inducing me.

There I was..lying down on a cold bed..preparing myself for what it is to come. Everything was so fast. After being induced, I started to feel the pain..but for just a moment and then there it was. A little voice crying and that was when I blacked out. It was not a dream..our precious bundle is here..

Friday, November 21, 2008

Chapter 2. A Roller Coaster Ride

Everything happened so getting married and having baby.Yes..A BABY! I couldn't believe it happened in just a blink of an eye. What have i gotten myself into?So many questions came rushing through my mind at that point. Can we really pull things thru???

Somehow all doubts seem to fade when I'm with him. His reassuring touch and hopeful smile makes me realize how lucky I am to have him.Not once did he left my side on moments when I can't seem to face the bouts of reality. Even in his silence, I can feel his warmth and comfort..letting me know that everything is going to be fine.

Even though things were such a rush..the wedding was beautiful and everyone around us were happy. Although I have to admit our loved ones were hurt and still in coming to terms with what happened..Still,they showed their support and it just goes to show how strong their love for us. This is one of the reasons why, amidst the preparations, we were able to pull things through.. This is just the beginning of another roller coaster chapter in my life...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chapter 1. A Reflection on Love

Love moves in mysterious ways… I kept hearing this phrase for as long as I can remember. Anyway, who wouldn’t when it has been in the airwaves for quite some time, thanks to Nina’s belting rendition of it. But, what keeps plaguing my not so active mind is the line itself. Does love really move in mysterious ways? HOW?!!! How would we know what we feel is the real thing…

When it comes to giving advice on just about anything under the sun, particularly matters of the heart, I’m the guru. It didn’t happen overnight but I think my knowledge about these things accumulated from multitude of romance novels I’ve read since time in memorial, so to speak…

Over the years, I have heard all the heart-related problems that could probably last me a lifetime, these coming from friends, relatives, neighbors and even just by watching the boob tube. Its like, everywhere I turn, people are plagued with this unexplained phenomenon. I think its some kind of a disease that attacks the heart, which is the hub of our very being but to them, it is popularly known as LOVE. Then again, I wonder… is this contagious? What are the symptoms of those affected by it? Is there a cure? How can we stop it? I know that even the medical society is in awe of this phenomenon and associated it with just over active hormones. But then again, my quest for answers is still left unsated and even more worked up on uncovering its mystery.

As I keep hearing these things, my mind was also racing into overdrive. If people are so pathetically driven to almost madness then why the hell did they let themselves go through with it in the first place? I mean, there is this proverbial adage that says, “ you learn from your mistakes”, which from what I understand is, making one is quite understandable, but in succession? I say that’s absurd. It’s either your being stupid or just plain dumb. This so-called heart disease can really render a normal person to think and act beyond logic, which would make them likely candidates for the loony bin. What’s more, a month was even dedicated to these emotionally crippled souls, which as I observed, makes all people infected act quite beyond comprehension. What so special about it? I mean, it’s just like any ordinary day, but then why treat it as such?

Funny how it seems, but the powers that be provided me the answers I was craving and they were not kind. I guess they dealt me according to the way I’ve criticized and make light of other people’s perception of it. They may be thinking, “ let’s give her a dose of this and let’s see how she handles it”. Boy, they really got me going. I experienced the first giddy rush of excitement as I came to admire the make up of the male species. Euphoria sets in and you get to enjoy every contact and value conversations unlike anything you’ve ever had.

However, this doesn’t come for free and when reality sets in, it can really bite. Even though how very strong you think you feel, inevitable circumstances are thrown in your path. More so when you are asked to make choices, which would likely, make or break you. Life is a path that isn’t laden with bed of roses but is equipped with thorns, not just rocks.. but boulders. I have crossed this path and it had me wishing that God didn’t trust me this much…

From what I have learned, making the right choices and doing the right thing is very much a challenge. It has to be done with utmost care because feelings are involved and that someone is bound to be hurt one way or the other. What’s more difficult is when both parties have built a foundation based on friendship, which is the very reason the decision is critical. So much is at stake… Looking back, a friend sent me a message and it says “ if I were to make a choice between finding happiness despite the wrongness of the situation or the right one but end up miserable, what will it be?” then again it got me thinking. The message was really an eye opener and a choice will have to be made for the sake of the ones that I feel strongly about. At that moment, I can’t even think straight… How can something feel so good be equally wrong? It’s so unfair… But then, despite these thoughts racing through my mind, I asked myself. “ Can a person be truly and completely happy knowing another person is bound to get hurt by these action? By any chance, are these feelings strong enough to start a new chapter and withstand the test of time or is it just a fleeting-fancy to be discarded once boredom sets in? “Will he go back to where he once been?” “If and when I let go, how would he take it?” “Will it be like it was before?”. These are just few of the many questions that people so much crave for answers…

Some happened to succumb to this feeling and paid no heed to what may ensue from this course. Enjoy when you can and Endure when you must. But then, this isn’t me. All I have ever yearned for is someone who would likely return my feelings with equal or if not, more intensity because I wouldn’t want it any less. Why can’t I have the one thing I really want? For once, I want someone to call my own. Call it selfishness on my part, but I can’t bear the thought of having to share what’s supposed to be mine with somebody else. That is the one thing I can’t tolerate.

Looking back, I remember the questions I have raised and came up with the answers. Love comes when we least expect it and is full of surprises. The reason behind the expression falling in love is that you are not forced to fall. You just FALL. No amount of barriers can stop it from spreading and even the strongest of walls isn’t enough to impede its way. It comes in different forms and you won’t recognize it even if it hit you right between the eyes, which is also the reason why most of mankind are left blind, hypothetically. It’s because the vision is somewhat clouded, making one see beauty in the entirety of the being and along with it comes acceptance of its imperfections.

What’s ironic in this game is that, you had to hold when you need to hold on and hold on when you need to let go. However complicated it may seem, it is not easily destroyed by a failure nor won by a single caress. It is a lifetime venture of learning and which we shouldn’t be scared to invest on.

On falling out of love, take some time to nurse back old wounds and get right back on the horse. However, don’t make the same mistake of riding the one that threw you the first time.

Loving someone means giving the person the freedom of finding his or her way whether it leads towards you or otherwise. You shouldn’t resolve to use force for it will only bring forth grief and misery. Despite tumbling over and over, never harbor fear for after every storm, a rainbow always brightens the sky.